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Isn’t it time to start doing something about it?

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The WomenThink® Mastermind 

for Females in Senior Leadership*

*current and emerging leaders are invited to apply
Imagine being part of an exclusive community of smart, curious, and authentic females in senior leadership* who are invested in their personal and professional development. 

The world urgently needs a new generation of leaders. Those leaders will be women who have learned to integrate sharply honed leadership competencies with the legacy of being a woman. In our patriarchal culture, being a leader has, historically, been incongruent with being a woman. Not anymore. 

The same skills that make us women, the traits by which we define ourselves – relational, creative, intelligent, intuitive, communicative, and so on – are the very traits needed to move us forward.

Women in leadership is not a fad. It’s a fact.

Women are the future of leadership. We need you in the room and at the table. Yes, you. We need both your head and your heart. We need to take strategic action that will accelerate equitable empowerment in work and in life. It’s not just about the pay, it’s about owning our power and using it to create the next generation of female leaders.

Speaking of owning your power….

Knowing your personal brand is crucial for you, as a leader, as it empowers you to effectively communicate your unique value proposition (we’ll be spending a good deal of time on your UVP).
A strong personal brand enhances credibility, builds trust, and fosters a positive image. By understanding and leveraging your distinct qualities, you can differentiate yourself in the competitive landscape, create meaningful connections, and drive impactful change.

Ultimately, a well-defined personal brand paves the way for increased influence, career advancement, and a lasting legacy. You’re up for that, aren’t you!

Your personal brand is largely based on your life purpose. Out of your purpose stems your potential, talents, and gifts all of which lead to your values and beliefs. When you put it all together, you’ll be ‘on brand’.

Your life purpose and personal brand are he foundation of this Mastermind. If you’re a bit confused by all these concepts, don’t worry. I’ll help you clearly articulate them during the first two weeks of the program. A combination of assessments, surveys and a bit of my magic will have you on purpose in no time.

Here’s What Self-Empowered 
Women are Saying

Since working with her, I ...redirected my career to align with personal goals and started bringing all of me to work. ...The bottom line is that Nancy helped me go from minimizing my impact to maximizing it.
Liz Hill
...you have helped me find ME! and live life, not just as an observer but as an active participant. Everyone needs to have the power and freedom to be themselves. ... I am now comfortable in my own skin. I cannot thank you enough for that. 
Colleen Murphy
Community Transit
Nancy Solomon’s words of wisdom have inspired me to be a better leader, mom and friend. She’s given me the courage to embrace what I once feared, to know my vulnerabilities aren’t weaknesses and to be true to my essence.
Elisa Jaffe, Host/Executive,roducer Northwest Afternoon KOMO 4P
I seemingly had achieved success. but I experienced not enough advancement, not enough visibility, not enough recognition … I brought Nancy onto my team to sort things out. Six months later, ...I proactively chose an organization that values me and my work. It is difficult to put a price on feeling gratified in my career, and grateful for the blessings in my life. I simply cannot recommend working with Nancy highly enough.
Paige Boesen
From the moment she walked onto the stage… Nancy Solomon excited, inspired and awed our audience. She connected with our conference attendees and engaged them on every level. She delivered practical guidance and related sincerely and intuitively to attendees one-on-one in her workshop. She was everything we asked for and more…
Yolanda Crittenden
Vice President
Leadership Programs/Lead
SA North Chamber
Our members just raved about Nancy Solomon's session for IACCM’s “Ask the Expert” series. Nancy’s tremendous passion and energy for her work translated into an entertaining, intelligent and inspiring discussion which had great relevance for our members. We received a lot of feedback telling us that they want Nancy back for another session!
Katherine Kawamoto
VP Research and Advisory Services, IACCM

Humanity, integrity, authenticity, trust, psychological safety, 
equitable empowerment, and alignment.

Here at WomenThink® they’re not 
just buzzwords or quotes framed 
on a wall. 

These are the values and beliefs upon which our company was built. It’s how we live. It’s why we’ve had the impact we’ve had for over thirty years, trusted by international iconic brands, and thousands of passionate women. 

You don’t have to go solo on your leadership journey. 

You need the reflection that only others can give you. You need input you may not want to hear. You need access to your blind spots. You don’t have to do this yourself. Remember this: “Even the sharpest knife can’t carve its own handle.” So, stop trying because you’re only hurting yourself and holding yourself back. 

In a hurry? Here are the Cliff Notes:

  • ​You will identify your Life Purpose
  • You will learn your Unique Value Proposition
  • ​You will know the contribution you are capable of making at work and in life
  • ​You will learn the difference you make and the impact you have
  • ​You will have a map to the ‘next’ goal in your life and know exactly what stands in the way of your reaching it.
That’s a ginormous amount of learning in a very short time, don’t you think?

Some of the Iconic Brands we have Impacted

We’re not going to rewrite your resumé. We’re not going to talk to you about your P&L.We’re not going to tell you that you’re outspoken, difficult, or too much or too little of this or that. What we are going to do is equip you to discover and cultivate the very best parts of what makes you, you. (BTW, that’s your Unique Value Proposition). 

The women who have the most success in our programs are intelligent, high-achieving, and ready to take the next step. They want to expand their impact and influence. They want to make more of personally meaningful difference in the world. These women have the tendency to argue a point, rumble when it’s constructive, and challenge themselves to be their best. The glue that binds it all together is a sense of belonging, inclusion, laughter, love and fun.

We will EQUIP 1 million WOMEN to EMPOWER themselves in 
the next five years creating FUTURE generation of LEADERS.

In just three months you will have a crystal-clear assessment of the reality of your work and your life. Then, with the help of your colleagues, you’re going to design your future perfect. You will identify precisely what’s between you and what you want to achieve, and you’ll be given all the tools and skills to close the gap. We know our prospective participants already possess untapped potential; all they need is a supportive community of peers who are determined to help them unlock it. 

The WomenThink® Mastermind program provides access not only to best practices but also intense personal motivation. Together, we will bring out everyone’s excellence!
What’s your what's next?
Whether you want to break through another ceiling or gain new insights into effective life
and career strategies, this mastermind is designed specifically for women who are looking for their next challenge, personally and professionally. Your job is to show up and do the work. Our job is to provide you with access to all the skills and tools you’ll need to make a quantum leap in your leadership journey.

Which best describes you today?

  • ​You have no idea what’s next for you.
  • You have a vision of what’s next, but not a strategic plan to get there.
  • ​You have the vision and the plan but know it would be more strategic, efficient and effective to have a team around you committed to your success.

You’ve got to stay in the game to change the rules.

Solomonism #273

If you’re a female in senior leadership looking to connect with other ambitious women, and you’re serious about developing yourself and your career, then you should be in
The WomenThink® Mastermind. 

This is not just any Mastermind; The WomenThink® Mastermind is created by and for women with the intention of helping one another personally and professionally advance in your lives.

The WomenThink® Mastermind is limited to only ten women carefully selected from across diverse industries. We have developed an empowering program that encourages meaningful conversations, deep knowledge exchange and positive relationships amongst peers. The deep connections you’ll form that will last long beyond our program's duration.

Joining this mastermind of female leaders will be a transformative experience for you and your peers. When surrounded by other bold and brilliant women, the tendency to achieve success is exacerbated as the collective wisdom brings ideas and discoveries no one in the mastermind could have arrived at on her own.

Can you imagine the benefit of the collective intelligence
of a powerful group of women?!

Not only that, but the WomenThink® community will offer you a sense of belonging, connection and accountability with other high-performing professionals which, in turn, will ignite meaningful collaborations and mutual growth. The women selected to participate will help one another stay abreast of the ever-changing trends for women in leadership and create plans for how to navigate them successfully. All of you will be able to make more informed decisions about your careers and lives, and how best to lead your organizations (and your families).

Finally, it provides a platform where these bold and brilliant women can share their own experiences and opinions – offering them an invaluable support structure in which they can increase their emotional intelligence as part of their leadership.

We will help you brainstorm business ideas, assess new opportunities, develop innovative strategies, and ultimately lead the charge in the arenas most important to you. In the process you will shape the future of leadership.

After only ninety days, you’ll see measurable changes in the traits common to the most successful female leaders in corporate America: The precise ones we’re going to upskill in the WomenThink® Mastermind.

1. Confidence
2. Perseverance
3. Resilience
4. Emotional Intelligence
5. Vision
6. Strategic Thinking
7. Adaptability
8. Empathy
9. Creativity
10. Integrity

Like I said, these are not canned, introductory level discussions, but rather a creation of your personal roadmap of advanced skills that serve as a catalyst to propel you to new levels of leadership and real satisfaction.

With 30 years of experience with thousands of women Nancy will be your mentor, strategic ally, trusted advisor, and coach. She will help you navigate your path productively, successfully, and with greater clarity.

“Who you are is how you lead.”

Solomonism #342

Growth is messy. Growth takes guts. Growth demands courage.

Masterminds are specifically designed to push you out of your comfort zone and build confidence as well as relationships between senior leaders like yourself so that everyone can reach their full potential with support from others. The power of connection is proven time and time again - when we come together collectively our success is amplified! 

You have two distinct attributes that AI doesn’t. AI is not emotionally intelligent, nor does it have vision. You have both. 

Emotional intelligence is a critical leadership skill that often improves naturally from masterminds because the participants take the time to connect and understand one another, encouraging vulnerability and trust which leads to improved insight into not only business-minded conversations but personal conversations as well. You need to know that your life is valuable.

At the end of just three months, you will know:

• Your contribution to the world.
• The difference that will make.
• The impact it will have.

Are you one in a million?

(we think so)
Through our supportive approach you can build confidence and take steps towards achieving your ambition. Connect with us today to see how we can help you reach success! One of the three most significant trends in global learning and development are leadership skills that are universal, evergreen and deliver noticeable results. Over the course of three months, you will have access to any three of the twelve LeaderForce® trainings of your choice, including workbooks and handouts. Creating a Coaching Culture, Difficult Conversation and Accountability are just some of the topics you can explore on your own in The WomenThink® Mastermind.
You have a voice. We want to hear it.
Fill out the application today to be considered for this
unique mastermind program tailored just for female leaders.


We begin on Wednesday, March 29th, at noon Pacific.

We will meet as a group, on Zoom, for one hour for three weeks, and on the 4th week, you’ll have “Me- time” homework (which doesn’t include laundry or grocery shopping- *wink).

March 29
April 5, 12, 19, 26
May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

We will have a private Facebook Group where Nancy will answer any questions you have between sessions, introduce a topic to contemplate, suggest some reading, and provide a brief audio or video lesson.

You’ll have access to the WomenThink® Vault; a collection of curated material to answer your questions and fill in the blanks. Articles, blogs, videos, etc.

Every Friday from noon – 2:00 PT Nancy will keep her Zoom Room open. Drop in, banter about the news, rumble on a subject that inspires and excites you, and get a little one-on-one coaching on a burning question.

Authentic, powerful conversations that will move you forward. Office Hours. Just like in school

Due to the confidentiality of our discussions, they will not be recorded. Therefore, each participant is asked, in advance of admittance into the Mastermind, to commit to attending all nine sessions.

The tuition is non-refundable, for any reason, but is transferrable to another person or product, or service.

Two pay options:
$1900 and $1900 30 days later

Would you like your company to fund this Mastermind?
Here's a sample LETTER FOR YOUR MANAGER . Download and customize.

Join us in shaping the future of leadership!

Meet the IMPACT Expert, Nancy D. Solomon

For more than 29 years, WomenThink’s CEO, Nancy D. Solomon, has been a force for change and the go-to women’s leadership expert in traditionally male-dominated industries such as technology, banking, and finance, worldwide.

 She is a bold, courageous, and unapologetic advocate for women and has helped thousands remove the barriers to their fulfillment and success.

 As a result of their work with us, our clients build and sustain a vibrant, robust force of female leaders, equipped to manage the helm, and the highest offices of corporations across the globe. Our clients include Microsoft, Target, Acura, Amazon, Nordstrom, Wellpoint, and Westin and, as well as many passionate individuals.

 Schedule a meeting with Nancy to begin the conversation of how we can accelerate your current transformation initiatives, as well as identify the future of leadership for your organization.

Known as The Impact Expert, she is the main stage speaker, expert trainer, and veteran coach who helps leaders solve key issues related to leadership development, employee engagement, and advancing women. She is the author of the acclaimed book: Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go from Invisible to Invincible and is currently working on her next book.


What is the WomenThink® Mastermind program for Females in Senior Leadership?
The Mastermind sits at the intersection of Personal Development and Professional Development, with the goal of helping the participants become clear about who they as a leader and how that impacts them and their organization. The participants will help one another stay abreast of the ever-changing trends for women in leadership and create plans for how to navigate them successfully.
Who is the target audience for this program?
Women who are in senior leadership positions or who are poised for such a role.
Why is this program only for females in senior leadership?
This is not an introductory level program. It is assumed that the participants have a moderate level of self-awareness, have experience with self-development programs, have some skills in self-coaching, and plan to advance in their profession of choice.
What is the duration of the program?
Three months: nine group sessions and three small group and individual sessions.
What are the benefits of joining this program?
Increased confidence, perseverance, resilience, emotional intelligence, vision, strategic thinking, adaptability, empathy, creativity, and integrity are expected results from participating in this Mastermind.
What are the key competencies that this program will focus on?
Emotional intelligence, collaboration, communication, accountability, team building and allyship with other women.
How will the program help participants integrate their leadership competencies with their
identity as a woman?
Women have been socially programmed to think that leaders are men. What is becoming more and more apparent is that the skills that come naturally to most women can be integrated with traditional leadership skills, resulting in women being the future of leadership.
What is the application process for the program?
Prospective participants can either apply online or speak directly with our CEO and facilitator for the Mastermind, Nancy Solomon. Applicants will be informed of the status of their application within twenty-four hours of submission.
What are the criteria for being selected to participate in the program?
Participants must be current or emerging female leaders with at least seven years’ experience.
What is the cost of the program?
$3500, which includes all materials. Tuition can be paid in full or a 2-pay option
Will the program be available online or in-person?
This mastermind is 100% virtual, on Zoom
Who are the facilitators of the program?
With 30 years of experience with thousands of women Nancy will be your
mentor, strategic ally, trusted advisor, and coach.
What is the format of the Mastermind?
Each session will focus on a critical leadership skill. Reading, group
discussion and debate, videos, and individual and group coaching will be
the format for the Mastermind.
Will there be group activities or
individual coaching?
Yes. Coaching will take place during each session and is also available
individually during Friday Office Hours. Small group activities will occur the week following three sessions.
What is the frequency of the program sessions?
Three out of four weeks the group will meet for one hour. The fourth week
will be devoted to homework to be done individually or as a small group.
How will the program measure the
success of participants?
In the first session, each participant will be given a variety of assessments
and inventories to measure specific qualities. At the conclusion of the
Mastermind, the participants will re-assess and evaluate their progress.
What happens if I miss a session?
Due to the confidentiality and nature of the sessions, they will not be
recorded. The application process and/or a conversation with Nancy will
screen for the commitment level of applicants. Anyone who can’t commit
to all sessions will be waitlisted.
Will I receive a certificate of completion?
Yes. Every participant who completes the program will receive a certificate. Completion is considered attendance in at least eight out of the nine sessions.
Can participants join the program from anywhere in the world?
Yes. Given that the Mastermind is virtual, location should not be a deterrent to applying.
What is the maximum number of participants in each cohort?
Ten women.
Will there be networking opportunities for participants?
Yes. At the end of the hour together, we will keep the Zoom Room open for
thirty minutes for networking opportunities.
Will participants be connected to a mentor?
Every participant has the opportunity to work one-on-one with Nancy during the sessions as well as during Friday Office Hours.
Will there be follow-up support after
the program ends?
Yes, there are several opportunities to continue advancing personally and
professionally which Nancy will discuss over the course of the Mastermind.
What are the program values and beliefs, and how are they incorporated into the program?
We are entering an era where each woman must take responsibility for her own personal and professional life. Women do not need a hero to rescue them because they don’t need to be saved. They have the power to do whatever they want; they just need to learn how to use that power. Humanity, integrity, authenticity, trust, psychological safety, equitable empowerment, and alignment are some of the values upon which this Mastermind was created.

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